Apparent Happiness

“Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

I will be waking up tomorrow not looking forward for a GoT episode. There will be rains though. Nothing else to look forward to. The morning will come and #mondaymotivation and #mondayblues will start trending next to each other. My excitement quota on Monday morning has been rather limited of late. There has been spikes but the overall mood tend to be rather gloomy.

Death. Is it a Friend? Is it an Enemy? Or is it neither? I recently read a book narrated by Death. The Book Thief. Death’s general tone, here, is more of a storytelling rather than a thriller. There is not a lot of anxiousness and excitement as you move forward. Yet I was glued to it till the very end.

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Life and Shit

A crazy night with friends. And a hungover morning.

A beautiful overcast day. And a rainy night full of memories.

A timeline full of feeds. And a boring evening.

A mind full of ideas. And an unfinished book.

A look in the mirror. And a face stamped into the subconscious.

A clear logical thought. And a blind devotion.

A life full of surprises. And a few planned detours.

A mug full of my favorite beer. And another one 🙂



It’s raining continuously since past two days. And I am sneezing like anything.

There is a new smell in the air. Everything around me has sprung into life. Monsoons have finally struck Mumbai. And the best part of the year is finally here.

I have to remind myself again that it’s Sunday evening, and not Saturday. I have a huge to do list for today (There are only two tasks but anything more than one is “huge” in my dictionary). But I have got some time left in the day to get done with that. No worries !!

Just 3 weeks to my Ladakh trip. We were 13 when we started planning for the trip. Now only 6 are left (Side-effects of being a part of age group where everyone is getting married). That reminds me that I have to get some bookings done. My to-do list climbs by 1 :/

The rains have picked up once again. I wish there was a concept of “Rainy Day” in professional life also. Mumbai would have been the perfect city to work in. It still is 😀

Need to rush. Have to finish some office work. And then organize my room. And then spend some time with my favorite beverage 😉 And then retire to sleep before waking up to the Season Finale of GoT 😀

It’s 1 AM

It’s 1 AM. I was curious to find out if there is a particular term for the time between midnight and dawn. Turned out that their are multiple threads where people are debating about what word would be best fit for the same. “Oh-dark hundred”, “small hours”, “predawn”, “post midnight” and so on. I so love Internet. People find time to discuss about almost anything. And others find time to search and read about almost anything.

It’s 1 AM. The night is quiet. The night is peaceful. The lack of sound and light makes it easier to sit still and let go of everything. The night is windy. The breeze is rushing past the huge Mango Tree on our terrace. The squirrels are in their deep slumber. So are my flatmates. I can not see the moon though. Are we close to the New Moon or is it hidden behind the clouds? The night is dark. The night is mysterious.

The Night

It’s 1 AM. I was reading random stuff on Quora. Stumbled on the Neuroscience section. Turns out there are a number of parasites that control the brains, and therefore the behaviors, of their hosts. Many examples in animals, none in humans. But what if there are? It’s both fascinating and horrifyingly creepy.

It’s 1 AM. I love this part of the night. Years have passed by since I moved out of Lucknow. Engineering. MBA. Job. Many things have changed on the way through this, as they are bound to be. You also change a lot in this process. But sitting here typing all these words , feeling both fantastic and stupid, is all so familiar. This part of the night is all so familiar. It knows all my secrets.

It’s 1 AM. Phone has been beeping incessantly for past 1 hour. But no one called. So assuming nothing that important. Laptop’s battery is low. Charger is in the other room. And guess what? I am too lazy to give it a try. I would just make way for the night demons to take over here now. Sayonara !!!


Mosoons and IPL

That part of the year. Especially in Mumbai. I am dying to see the advent of Monsoons, which is a week or two away, or should have arrived by now as per the forecast. And then there is Royal Challengers Bangalore, lead by a guy called Virat Kohli, my favorite till date. The only reason I wanted RCB to win is because of Kohli. But that is not supposed to be, is it?


This loss in the finals has shot up the onslaught that the upcoming Monday had in reserve for us. It’s not as bad as the semi final’s loss against WI was. But it still is pretty bad. The fairy tale was just as close it could have been. An anti-climax as you would call it.


VIRAT KOHLI. Look forward to you. IPL 2016 was just a stop on the way. Expecting things superhuman from you from now on 😀