My Little Friend

I had just come back from the hospital. 12 stitches on my right arm demanding for some attention. Doctor had advised me rest for at least a week, but that was the last thing on my mind. My eyes were searching for Caesar, but he was nowhere to be seen. I was not used to such a silent welcome at home. Normally Caesar would have been all over me as soon as I entered the house. But it was not to be this time around, and I perfectly understood the reason behind it.

It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have loosened the grip. I shouldn’t have run after him when he got away. He might have come back instead of running around. What appeared as a game to him didn’t end well for us. I ran with all my energy when I heard the screeching of tyres and a painful howl. I reached for Caesar with trembling hands. He was alive, but his back was severely injured.

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Oh My God

Chhote Chhote Sehro Me Badi Badi Baatein Hoti Rehti Hain …Vaishno Devi

This blog post could have easily been about a sweet little family trip across the beautiful cities of Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. But that is not how these places ended up in my memory. Though marked by some awesome moments of the place, the overall impression still remains negative.

Anyways, this trip was never meant to be, at the start. It all materialized when the visit to Vaishno Devi was cancelled due to Jammu floods, and when Spicejet informed me that flight cancellation amount would be more than the booking amount, I decided to fly to Delhi anyways.

Delhi – The city where my heart dwells. I landed there on a sunny Thursday afternoon and amidst the tour back into the memory lane and home bound emotions, I was interrupted by the very familiar voice – “Next stop is Anand Vihar ISBT. Doors will open to the left. Please mind the Gap”

Everyone had already ganged up at my uncle’s place in Ghaziabad, which happens to be at a walking distance from my engineering college. Bag packed, camera and phones fully charged – We set out for Agra – Taj Mahal being our first stop. Freaky Friday. Of course it was freaky Friday, and so were we for not doing some proper research. Taj remains closed on Friday. No “Waah Taj” for us as we had to change the plans to postpone Agra for the next day.

Prem Mandir


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Jeep & Bourbon, Part 25 #CelebrateBlogging

Chapter 25 – Surfing through troubled times

Team Name: The Scribe Tribe

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“How did it get so late so soon?”

It is a rhetorical question the purport of which Jenny understands fully well and doesn’t attempt to answer.

Our marriage had taken a nose dive so Shekhar and I thought a sea-side holiday would bring some change but it took us nowhere. In my selfish attempt to pull my own life up I hurtled notches lower on the rungs of humanity. Within a span of a fortnight both the people, the only people whom I can call my own, almost lost their life. All because of that one choice I made on that ill-fated night.

We are still standing but the bonds seem to have broken. “Irreparably so?” Now this is a question I desperately need an answer to.

In the blink of an eyelid, everything has changed and become much worse than what I’d feared it would be. I just don’t want anybody to come to me and say that it is too late for me to set things right. That is just unimaginable!

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Jeep and Bourbon, Part 13 #CelebrateBlogging


Chapter 13 – The Plot

Team Name: The Scribe Tribe

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“Pack your bags buddy. You are coming to Kochi”

“Yeah, right”, said Cyrus and hung up the phone.

Wake Up Wake Up it’s a brand new day. It’s time to wake up and sing. Put the crown on your head. Live your life.

“I swear Jeremy, if you don’t stop bugging me right now, I will get into the phone and put an end to your misery”.

“Stop being such a cry baby and get up. You owe me this”

The image of Jeremy Lawrence’s face flitted across Cyrus’ mind. He recalled those numerous incidents when Jeremy had come to his aid when there was no one to bank on. He did owe him one. But why now? Why after so many months? Why would Jeremy ask him to come down, even after perfectly knowing the fact that there has always been only one outcome to their meeting – Trouble.

Wake Up Wake Up it’s a brand new day. It’s time …. “Damn you Jeremy!! I am going to come straight away to Kochi and run your Jeep over your sorry ass.”

“Hold on Cowboy. Spare yourself the trouble. I have mailed you the tickets. And please hurry up. You have to catch a flight and then a train. You have got an hour”

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Jeep and Bourbon, Part 5 #CelebrateBlogging


Chapter 5 – The Road Not Taken 

Team Name: The Scribe Tribe

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The  sulking moon was hiding amidst the clouds. A distant cry from a dog was the only thing that interfered with the otherwise eerie silence that had taken over the place. While the stars continued  their playful act as if nothing had happened, Shekhar’s world had completely collapsed. He kept staring at the drama in the sky, trying to match it with the chaos in his life.

“You okay, bro?” Cyrus said while he gulped down another pint.

Shekhar was brought back to reality by Cyrus’ voice. He had completely forgotten that he was not alone .

“Apart from the fact that I am completely broke with no source of income, my wife is seeing someone else and I am doomed to spend the rest of my life in agony, yeah, I am fine!”.

There are few things which guys don’t usually talk about. There are moments when nothing said or done can make things better . This moment was one of those. It seemed prudent to Cyrus to shut up at that point. He reached out to a pouch in his pocket and spread out all its ingredients on the bonnet of the jeep.

“What is that?” This was more of a rhetorical question in alarm.

“Something that will cheer me up. You are welcome to join if you wish to.”

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