It’s 1 AM

It’s 1 AM. I was curious to find out if there is a particular term for the time between midnight and dawn. Turned out that their are multiple threads where people are debating about what word would be best fit for the same. “Oh-dark hundred”, “small hours”, “predawn”, “post midnight” and so on. I so love Internet. People find time to discuss about almost anything. And others find time to search and read about almost anything.

It’s 1 AM. The night is quiet. The night is peaceful. The lack of sound and light makes it easier to sit still and let go of everything. The night is windy. The breeze is rushing past the huge Mango Tree on our terrace. The squirrels are in their deep slumber. So are my flatmates. I can not see the moon though. Are we close to the New Moon or is it hidden behind the clouds? The night is dark. The night is mysterious.

The Night

It’s 1 AM. I was reading random stuff on Quora. Stumbled on the Neuroscience section. Turns out there are a number of parasites that control the brains, and therefore the behaviors, of their hosts. Many examples in animals, none in humans. But what if there are? It’s both fascinating and horrifyingly creepy.

It’s 1 AM. I love this part of the night. Years have passed by since I moved out of Lucknow. Engineering. MBA. Job. Many things have changed on the way through this, as they are bound to be. You also change a lot in this process. But sitting here typing all these words , feeling both fantastic and stupid, is all so familiar. This part of the night is all so familiar. It knows all my secrets.

It’s 1 AM. Phone has been beeping incessantly for past 1 hour. But no one called. So assuming nothing that important. Laptop’s battery is low. Charger is in the other room. And guess what? I am too lazy to give it a try. I would just make way for the night demons to take over here now. Sayonara !!!


Mosoons and IPL

That part of the year. Especially in Mumbai. I am dying to see the advent of Monsoons, which is a week or two away, or should have arrived by now as per the forecast. And then there is Royal Challengers Bangalore, lead by a guy called Virat Kohli, my favorite till date. The only reason I wanted RCB to win is because of Kohli. But that is not supposed to be, is it?


This loss in the finals has shot up the onslaught that the upcoming Monday had in reserve for us. It’s not as bad as the semi final’s loss against WI was. But it still is pretty bad. The fairy tale was just as close it could have been. An anti-climax as you would call it.


VIRAT KOHLI. Look forward to you. IPL 2016 was just a stop on the way. Expecting things superhuman from you from now on 😀

A hamlet called Tinchuley

Where would you rather stay while traveling? A place bubbling with people with excited faces greeting you all around. Or a place away from all the hustle, where you can afford not to rush and savor all the components that makes up the place.

Well, in my case, my mood swing takes me to both these places. This March, my curiosity took me to this place near Darjeeling, which goes by the name “Tinchuley”. Visiting Himalayas has always been special for me. This was more so because it was my first visit to the mountains with my family. The first half of the trip had been great with the visit to Tsomgo Lake stealing the limelight. It was time to move from Gangtok to Tinchuley.

It had snowed the night before and the road ahead to Nathula Pass was blocked. But Tsomgo Lake was looking as splendid as it could. And with all the people and yaks around, ever so colorful

It had snowed the night before and the road ahead to Nathula Pass was blocked. But Tsomgo Lake was looking as splendid as it could. And with all the people and yaks around, ever so colorful

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WWE – The Fire Still Burns

The Fire Still Burns – That used to be my favorite line back in school days. Reason? See the following video.

I used to get goosebumps every time Kane’s entrance music was played. And the fireworks. That was a golden era of WWF I could do anything to get back. The fact that I used to think that it’s all for real spiced it up even more. Anyone who used to say that it was scripted was marked in the wrong side of my book. Monday 5 PM was the best time of the week. Undertaker was really a ghost. Austin seemed the most powerful. And I hated Triple H more than anything else.

Then I matured. College happened and everything changed. No more WWF (It became WWE then). Years passed by. And then on an idle day I stumbled upon this video.

Man it was like all your WWF memories were stuffed in 1 minute and put right in front of you. And YouTube has got this beautiful concept called “Related Videos”. And once you get into that maze it’s very difficult to come out of it. For the next few hours I kept browsing through these videos (most old and some new). Found out that this new faction called Shield is the latest talk of the town. I fucking hated them after going through few fights of theirs. I got stuck into the series and started following WWE again.

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Weekend Trek to Ajoba Hills

I haven’t trekked much in the last 2 months. A reason for that might be that it isn’t Monsoons yet (my favorite season for trekking). Anyways, this Sunday was fixed for the trek to Ajoba Hills, which has been in my list for some time now.

Quoting from the wiki – Standing at a height of 4511 feet in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, Ajoba Hill is one of the highest peaks in the Sahyadri ranges. Situated in the Shahapur Taluka at the base village of Dehene, the Ajoba Hill is considered sacred due to the local folklore that this was the place where goddess Sita stayed in an Ashram during her exile and separation from Lord Rama. Halfway through the climb up the mountain is located the “Valmiki Ashram” and the cave here Goddess Sita stayed with her two sons Luv and Khush. The hill got its name from the term “Ajoba” which means grandfather in Marathi – a term that Luv and Khush used to address Saint Valmiki. It is also believed that Saint Valmiki’s Samadhi in the hill increases in size every few years.

Trek to Ajoba Hills

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